Industry Transformation

Our ecosystem meets the market at the edge of innovation. Improving the experience of real people in real places is at the heart of digital transformation and in the spirit of what our partners do for clients.

Where We're Focused

Retail + Hospitality

Operational decision-makers in retail, hospitality, and other consumer-centric sectors are under enormous pressure to re-invent the day-to-day experiences of people used to the flash of online personalized interactions. We want to help the industry incorporate Artificial Intelligence (AI) to increase commerce, streamline operations, and grow revenue, all while improving the patron experience.

Supply Chain

Global supply chains are under pressure. Pandemic-driven socioeconomic demand shifts in global supply reliability and dynamic consumer shopping behaviors are leading to logistics challenges across key stages of supply chain operations. We want to help the industry maximize supply chain agility, flexibility, and resiliency to stay ahead of these and other emerging challenge.


For the first time in human history, there are more people over the age of 65 than under the age of 5. These demographic challenges are expected to lead to a global shortage of 15M healthcare workers by the year 2030. Exacerbating the demand challenge, today, the healthcare industry is very reactive. We wait for something to break, then we try and fix it. We want to help the industry become less reactive, and more proactive and predictive to improve.

The Entire World is Becoming Digital

Four technology “superpowers” are powering innovation, discovery and disruption. We intend to lead the industry by harnessing these superpowers for our customers’ growth.


Ubiquitous Computing

Compute capabilities are permeating every aspect of our existence, serving as the human/technology interaction point across existing devices and emerging form factors. Computing is transforming from something you do to how you experience the world, with new and emerging form factors and real-time analytics guiding intuitive digital workflows that make it easier to create and experience in work and play.


Pervasive Connectivity

Everyone and everything is connected. Universal connectivity is enabling our customers to collect, store, move, and analyze large data sets, enabling the design and delivery of incredibly innovative business models, products, and services.


Cloud-to-Edge Infrastructure

Creating a dynamic reliable path for connected compute data. Organizations are adopting distributed networks and tapping the intelligent edge to process workloads closer to customers, providing data-driven digital services and a personalized experience customers covet. Unlimited scale and capacity in the cloud combine with unlimited reach through the Intelligent Edge.


Artificial Intelligence

Intelligence everywhere. Turning infinite data into actionable insight. Enabling intelligence everywhere to extract more value from data. AI helps our customers automate critical processes, unleash the creativity of their teams, and deliver digital products and services that end-users love.